“There is no perfect thread for all applications, however there is a perfect thread for a specific application.”

American & Efird offers 'Threaducation' workshops that review the logic behind selecting the best thread for a specific application. This workshop is not about how we make thread but how to select the best thread type and size for a specific application. The information on this page is a summary of information covered in this hands-on workshop available for our customers.
We recommend that you use the following thread selection process to help you make best educated choice. The major criteria include:


  • What type of sewing equipment will be used in the manufacturing of this sewn product?
  • Are there currently any issues with excessive interruptions due to thread breakage, skipped stitches and repairs that you would like to overcome?

Seam Performance

  • What seam performance specifications must be met to satisfy your customers? Minimum seam strength?
  • What special end-use requirements must be maintained?
  • Are you having any quality issues like excessive needle holes, open seams, ravel backs, or broken stitches?
  • Are you currently having any quality issues with customer returns, charge-backs, etc. that you would like to overcome?

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