In India, Vardhman is synonymous with threads. Not just threads for clothes, but for furnishings, wallets, hand bags, suitcases, shoes, car upholstery, tents, industrial applications and even kite-flying.

In each case, users' demands differ. Designers expect strength in some threads, strength and finish in another, the qualities of fusion in a third. A leather craftsman expects a completely different combination of attributes. An automobile manufacturer spells out another set of specifications. So does the little boy on the rooftop, the kite flyer.

Reputed manufacturers and buying houses prefer Vardhman because of its unswerving commitment to quality and service. The company fulfils IS/ISO 9001:2000 requirements and the products manufactured are azo free. They meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 under stringent environmental norms. Sheer technical competence and service makes Vardhman India's one and only flag bearer in threads.

Besides, Vardhman covers vast ground: cotton, polyster, core spun (polyester cotton/ polyester polyester), trilobal embroidery thread, bonded nylon and lubricated nylon thread including specialized threads like button fusing, bead fusing and anti wicking, button shanking, indigo dyed and so on.This enormous collection from Vardhman has a single purpose: